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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Girlfriend Can't Orgasm? Little Known Sex Hacks She Will Love (ESPECIALLY If She Can't Climax)


Who else is worried that your girlfriend, wife or lover isn't climaxing during sex? Does she seem to take longer than normal to achieve orgasm? Do you often wonder if you are doing something wrong? Has a lack of sexual self confidence creeped into your bedroom, purely as a result of her seeming inability to enjoy intercourse as much as you? The truth is, there are many different reasons that women don't climax during sex, and the vast majority of them are fairly easy to fix.

For example? The myth that many women are simply unable to achieve orgasm due to sexual dysfunction, "frigidity" or personal discomfort with sex, is really a relic of the past. The vast majority of women not only can have ONE orgasm during intercourse, the vast majority of us can climax multiple times with the right partner.

So what are the reasons why she DOESN'T orgasm with you, and some easy hacks to make sure she does? Let's take a closer look immediately below!

# 1: She can't climax due to the type of sex you are having.

Some significant percentage of women can't climax from sexual intercourse. Depending on who you ask and which sources you trust, this number can be as high as 40% of all women. This doesn't mean that she can't climax from sex, of course. Just not sexual intercourse in the conventional sense. The remedy for this is super simple, and typically involves increasing foreplay before, or after intercourse. This is the absolute EASIEST and most foolproof way to instantly increase and enhance your existing sex life, and one she's almost surely guaranteed to appreciate as well!

# 2: Your "Timing" is off

The average sexual experience, from start to finish, is somewhere less than 10 minutes. This varies a bit depending again, on what sources you reference or trust, but in general, unless it's a brand new relationship, it's experientially accurate for most of us. For most men, this is more than enough time to orgasm. Women have a very different sexual response cycle, which means it can take 20 minutes or more of direct sexual stimulation to climax, especially from intercourse. (which is generally INDIRECT stimulation, even during intense periods) This is really a math problem, more than anything else! The good news is, increasing your sexual stamina and staying power is a very simple way to not only become a superhero in the sack, but an easy way to increase HER ability to orgasm from intercourse as well.

Want a few other unusual ideas for stronger sex and longer orgasms?

Learn to meditate together! Sounds a bit new age, I know ... but Tantric sex, which incorporates breathing exercises, mutual mindfulness and increased awareness of erogenous zones can be one of the most erotic, orgasmic experiences she can have. Learn to explore her body in new and interesting ways as well. The truth is, often the biggest problem for women who can't climax during intercourse is that your body compatibility isn't great. Her most sensitive spots may be "out of reach" for your anatomy during intercourse, and while this won't affect YOUR ability to orgasm, it certainly will affect hers. So learning how to maximize this connection through different positions, angles and ideas for hitting her pleasure points the RIGHT way, is an idea well worth investing in if you want to keep her happy in bed ... and beyond!


Source by Amy A.

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