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Thursday, 26 March 2020

3 Ways to Make Buying Organic ‘Sexy’

Let’s go drab to fab!

Being completely honest, many people still see the Organic Movement as a movement for Hippies.

Even though I logically know that is not the case, there is still an stigma around Health Food and Holistic Wellness that can’t shake being accompanied by long flowy skirts and hair that has never seen a salon.

Let me be perfectly clear: I have nothing against “hippies”, or whatever aesthetic equivalent there is to “hippies” these days. I even feel comforted by the stereotypical wholesomeness that it entails. I often appreciate the idea of caring less about appearances and more about simplicity and underlying quality. And, if someone feels good and whole wearing long flowy skirts and Birkenstocks and never shaving their legs (stereotype! I know! Not Fair!)…. then that is absolutely their prerogative.

So… Is it Sexy?

Answer #1 is: Mainstream-wise? No.

Take Whole Foods- the Big Business of Organic Health Food. Though I love the Rustic Look, and feel like I am in heaven when I am there, it is STILL quite crunchy/granola/tie-die-looking to the general public (however, I can’t see how they can prefer the feel of generic supermarkets, which give me the heebie jeebies).

Trader Joe’s is the same. And then of course, the old Mom and Pop’s Health Food Store. Hippies! Frizzy Hair! Flowy skirts and neutral tones! Strong smelling juice bars and an overflowing vitamin section! Nobody Wears Deodorant!

Also… Its hard to find Eco Clothes in Whole Foods or otherwise that aren’t Flowy and Hippie looking.

I have to say, I am not personally deterred by this feeling, though it isn’t my personal style, sometimes it makes me feel like I could at any moment connect to my Earth Goddess inside and start dancing in the moonlight at a Solstice Festival….

[caption id="attachment_241" align="alignnone" width="735"]3 Ways to Make Buying Organic ‘Sexy’ 3 Ways to Make Buying Organic ‘Sexy’[/caption]


After reading the linked article, I can’t Help But Wish for a Makeover on the Image of the Eco/Organic Movement for the sake of reaching more people.

People associate Organic with:

  • expensive

  • unfashionable

  • dirty

  • tasteless (food)

  • god knows what else

This comes back to the big divide in our culture between- Health and Luxury. When really, they should be one in the same.

[caption id="attachment_242" align="alignnone" width="500"]3 Ways to Make Buying Organic ‘Sexy’ 3 Ways to Make Buying Organic ‘Sexy’[/caption]

Why Isn’t the Organic Movement Catching On Fast Enough?

Well, thankfully it IS catching on. But why not faster? Why isn’t is obvious enough to every consumer how crucial it is for our planet and health?

  1. Big Agro Business-  Only so much we can do quickly

  2. It is Expensive

  3. It is Inconvenient (not readily available everywhere)

  4. And apparently… It is Not Sexy

Now… “Sexy”… What do I mean by Sexy? Because let’s be honest. I am just a Sexually-Repressed Irish-American who doesn’t flirt unless under the influence of Alcohol. So, What do I mean?

I mean Enticing. Packaged Well. Alluding to and Associated with Pleasure and Luxury and Decadence.

It is all in the mind. As the article referenced: Sexy is a state of mind. Luxury is a state of mind.

Marketing and Packaging can trick anyone into any state of mind by suggesting certain associations together…. for better or for worse.

But, at the end of the day, if our state of mind regarding Health and Wellness – Especially Organic- makes it all seem drab to us, then its our state of mind we need to change!

Again, Is Organic Sexy?

Answer # 2. YES. Of course.

3 Ways to Change Our Associations with Organic

1. Start Seeing Organic as Treating Yourself to Luxury

I’m sorry but its true. Even if the store smells strongly of juiced parsley and B Vitamins, it is still a luxurious thing we are about to indulge in. And yes, it may not be packaged as beautifully as those croissants from Citarella, but… Kraft’s logo ain’t so pretty either. And some Organic Labels are pretty. Hey, in fact… just stop looking at the labels.

Other than that, go to the Farmer’s Market! Allow Yourself to SEE the sensual in the whole experience. Anything can be luxurious if you are in your body and allowing yourself to see the beautiful in the ordinary.

2. Make it Look Pretty Yourself

This goes from putting it in pretty jars in your kitchen- to arranging it beautifully on your plateI’m no chef, but I know that taking the extra 20 seconds to make it look a little special will indeed make me enjoy it more and feel more taken care of (by myself).

[caption id="attachment_243" align="alignnone" width="300"]dehydrated-food-mason-jar dehydrated-food-mason-jar[/caption]

3. See the Sensual in the Simple

Its closer to the earth. It is unadulterated. It is bright and vibrant. It is expensive and high quality. I’m sorry but what isn’t sexy about that!?

Somehow it keeps coming back to Eating For Pleasure. This is the lifestyle to follow. Fresh, Local, Small Decadences = Healthy, Sexy and Sustainable. What’s not to love?

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